"Do you know the land where the skies flourish?
Golden oranges shining among the brown leaves,
a gentle zephyr blows in the blue sky the humble myrtle buds,
the tall bay ... "
J.W. Goethe "Evocation"

Sicily is a perfect holiday destination if you are in search of history,culture,culinary delights,countryside and beaches.
Marina di Ragusa is an ancient port dating from the Arab period “the small landing”.
The countryside dotted with carob, almond and olive trees, leads naturally to the sea with crystal clear waters. The long golden beaches and low cliffs can be enjoyed in all seasons.
Ragusa is a land of art, culture and food. We are surrounded by masterpieces of baroque architecture, amongst folklore and a tradition of unique events and places which have become famous for their exceptional products: Cerasuolo wine, the chocolate of Modica, Chiaramonte oil... and countless other opportunities to grasp Sicily with all its senses. More than a holiday experience.

Interesting places to visit

Culture, fascinating towns to visit.
Gastronomy, a range of excellent restaurants nearby.
Nautical, boat trips.
Golf, world class courses nearby.
Folklore, festivals and religious feasts.
Nature, walks and excursions into the countryside and on the beach.